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Build Diary entries for May 2015

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Engineering Progress (1)
  The first component recently completed is the frame cross stay (SL/DE/19607). This stay sits at the back of the frames and is semi-flexible. The cross stay, brackets, bushes and pins have all now been completed.
Engineering Progress (2)
  The second major component completed is the 'bread bin' stretcher (SL/DE/21990) which sits at the rear of the frames and also supports the brake cylinder. It is called the 'bread bin' stretcher as when laid horizontally it resembles a bakers bread tray! This stretcher has now been machined and had rust preventative treatment applied and will be delivered shortly.

And yet more components!

The trailing keep feet (SL/DE/21645) have now been completed and machined. These components sit on the bottom of the rear horn guide face of the rear driving wheel set. The horn guides are the castings which allow the wheel sets to move up and down. Across the bottom of the horn guides is a forging that prevents the wheel sets dropping out when the loco is lifted and more importantly provide lateral support for the frames. Think of the horn guides as an upturned U. The horn keeps sit across the open gap turning an open structure into a rigid closed structure.

The bogie bolster (SL/DE/19621) is being completed and just require some machining to complete it. This component forms part of the front bogie and holds the large vertical pin that secures the bogie to the frames.

The front firebox support (SL/DE/19871) has now been ordered. Drawings are being completed by AMRC which will be provided to the plasma profiler. This component is a fabrication and makes a change from the regular casting orders that we have / and still need to place.