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Build Diary entries for February 2016

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Engineering Update (1)
  Some great engineering progress has been made at CTL Seal in Sheffield lately. Shown above is the Frame stretcher for bogie pivot fabrication. This stretcher carries provides the pivot point for the front bogie (the small 'truck' at the front with small wheels). For the enthusiast / engineer out there this component is to Derby drawing SL/DE/19618.

The front bogie is critical in guiding the locomotive around corners as well as taking some of the weight of the smokebox assembly.
Engineering Update (2)
  The photo above is of the right hand motion bracket which is also being fabricated at CTL Seal in Sheffield. To get the correct orientation imagine this component 'stood up' on the two parallel arms at the back on this photo. These arms carry the expansion link (which, via a sliding block, controls the valve events of the right hand cylinder). The assembly at the front of the photo will house a bearing which will carry the reverser shaft from the left hand side of the locomotive to the right hand side.

Just behind the assembly can be seen the frame stretcher and bogie pivot fabrication described above. Thanks to CTL Seal for providing us with photos of the fabrication and assembly.
Weekly news - more metal!
  The vertical frame stretcher and boiler carrier is seen here being fabricated at CTL Seal (photo cleaned up to remove a busy workshop background). This photo was taken at the end of January and the finished components are due to be delivered shortly.

The Frame stretcher for front bogie pivot, Vertical Frame stretcher with boiler carrier and the RH motion bracket have now been returned from stress relieving at CTL Seal. They are due to be shot blasted and machined this week. Updated photos to appear here soon!

Other than that it has been a week processing QA paperwork from the latest components, it doesn't sound thrilling but it's essential work to ensure the loco can be operated when completed.
Slide bar brackets complete and delivered
  The slide bar brackets have been completed, machined and delivered to our base at Burton upon Trent. The photo above shows the brackets shortly after delivery. They have now been given a liberal coating of rust inhibitor and stored safely away pending the start of the frame assembly.
Smokebox saddle ordered
  The smokebox saddle has been ordered from CTL Seal in Sheffield who will fabricate the saddle (the bottom stretcher for which has already been completed) and integrate the exhaust steam spider when the casting is delivered from Boro Foundry.

When these two components are combined they will represent the last component required to start the frame assembly later in the year. A major milestone in the project and something which will see a kit of parts turned into the basis of a steam locomotive.