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Build Diary entries for December 2020

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Bogie Pipework Fittings
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  Ian C has been beavering away in his workshop maching the various pipework fittings that we will need on the bogie. The axlebox guides are lubricated with grease and the centre slide is lubricated by oil. The BR standard locomotives originally had pipework where the ends of the pipes were formed with flared ends. These suffered from breakages and were replaced towards the end of the 1950s with a turned, coned fitting which is silver soldered or brazed onto the ends of the pipes. Here is a set of fittings that Ian has turned out for us. These will go through our inspection before we book them into stock.
Front End Assembly
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  This month has seen a trial fit of the front end components. We wanted to check that everything went together before the buffer beam was riveted. Looks good doesn't it!
Firebox Support and Trailing Truck Pivot
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  This is the firebox support and pony/trailing truck pivot. This was fitted on a temporary basis for the hornguide machining. We had to make up temporary packing plates to fit where the frame extensions would have bolted to the stretcher. We couldn't fit the frame extensions as the complete assembly would have been too long for the machine. The stretcher is lying on its back with the top towards the camera. Sitting on the 2 alloy pads on the top face are the front firebox supports, bolted to the firebox, free to move fore/aft to allow for boiler expansion. They are restrained vertically by parts that bolt into the 2 threaded holes you can see adjacent to the pads. A small amount of vertical freedom is controlled by a wedge system. The holes in the side plates next to the pads now need countersinking to allow for 4 frame to stretcher bolts. The heads must be flush with the plate surface to allow the wedges system to work.
Meanwhile, over in the machine shop, the intermediate rubbing block that is fixed to the hind beam was receiving it;s final machining. You can see a short video by following this link.
Pony/Trailing Truck Wheels
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  Meanwhile down in the West Midlands at Boro Foundry, the pony or trailing truck wheels have been cast and are going through post casting testing and fettling. Initial machining has taken place and this is the result.
Brake Shaft Bearings
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  The assembly shop at CTL Seal is now closed down until the New Year. Geoff went to Alpenbury Precision Engineering Ltd in Rotherham to collect this pair of brake shaft bearings. The engine brake shaft is a heavy assembly that converts the up/down motion from the steam brake cylinder to a fore/aft motion for the brake pull rods. The rotating shaft is supported by these 2 bearings which are bolted into lugs at the back of the rear cast steel stretcher.