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Build Diary entries for June 2021

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Erection of Frame Extensions
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  A view of 72010's frames with the frame extensions loosely bolted and being set up dimensionally. You can see CTL Seal's dumpy level on the right. The 2 stools on the right (one with a measuring pole on top) have been set up to the exact height of the bottom face of the main frames. The key dimension is 14" from that datum line to the bottom face of the frame extensions alongside the dragbox. The 2 screw jacks to the left of the stools have been used to set the correct height. The dragbox will have to come out for some machining as it it is not sitting closely against the rear face of the frame extensions. A light skim should clean this up. The smokebox saddle is now back in the frames which enable the final bits and pieces to be completed before we can rivet the front buffer beam components.
Front End almost ready for Riveting
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  The front end is now largely ready for riveting. You can see the slight chamfers on the buffer beam, ready for rivets. One of the last jobs is to drill out the holes for the frame stiffening plates that are fitted around the lifting eyes at the front of the frames. You can see the (almost) round circle where the plates will be fitted . The holes need to be opened up to 1-1/16"
Bogie Stretcher
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  For one reason or another, the bogie stretcher has been in the machine shop for quite a while. It has now finished all of its machining and is on the inspection bench being dimensionally checked using a Faro Arm. This has confirmed our suspicion that a slight bow has developed along the side faces. It's 0.2mm on one side and 0.3mm on the other. We think that it has stress relieved itself after machining 12 months ago. CTL Seal and ourselves have agreed that it will need one final light skim to finish the job. We can then start assembling the bogie frame.
Oil Boxes
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  Ian C has had these 2 feed oil boxes cast at D & J Hawkins Castings Ltd in Chesterfield. We need 2 oil boxes for the bogie centre slide. The oil boxes are bolted to the frames just forward of the main cylinders, one per side. From each oil box, one feed goes to the front of the bogie centre slide, one to the rear, on that side. The same oil boxes are used on the pony truck frame to lubricate the centring gear bushes - so we've had all 4 cast. You can see where the pony truck oil boxes are fitted by following this link.
Front Platform Plate
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  3 of the plates fitted around the front of the locomotive have been damaged in long term storage so we are replacing them. They were originally built long before we arrived at CTL Seal. This plate is the front left platform plate that sits behind the buffer beam, outside of the frames. It is sitting in CTL Seal's fabrication shop awaiting the valance to be welded onto the platform plate.