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Build Diary entries for June 2022

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Riveting Phase 1 Completed!
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  Riveting work for the front buffer beam area is now complete. John and John (jnr) from Varley Boilers with Neil Roffe from SSLC at the completion of work yesterday. The strengthening plates for the lifting eyes will be riveted in place when we do the riveting on the hind beam. With thanks to all of the team from Varley Boilers.
Bogie Cannon Axleboxes
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  The bogie cannon axleboxes are now back in the machine shop at CTL Seal. The manganese steel liners (face and side) have been welded to the cast steel axlebox. A special weld procedure was developed for this process. The axleboxes have passed post weld non destructive testing. The axleboxes will now be going for final machining.
Heavy Drive Fitted Bolts
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  Today we started to fit the fitted bolts that secure the main frames, frame extensions and firebox support stretcher. As you can see, each hole is uniquely identified and each bolt has been machined to fit the corresponding hole. Here Lee from CTL Seal, assisted by Geoff, is driving the bolts in until we hear a different ringing sound that tells us that the bolt head is firmly against the frame plates. We tried initially with a heavy copper head mallet but it wasnt heavy enough, so the sledge hammer was brought in. To protect the head of the bolt, a copper pad has been taped to the head of the bolt. Just behind the hammer head are some temporary bolts. We need to change these over, one at a a time, to the permanent bolts.
Brake Hanger Brackets
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  Today, Bob at CTL Seal was driling and reaming the 1 inch holes for the brake hanger bracket bolts. 6 bolts are needed for each bracket except for the rear brackets which each have a pair of studs on the bottom holes. This is because the brake cylinder support stretcher prevents the use of bolts. Bob has had to use an extension on the magnetic drill because the bracket was getting in the way.
Bogie Cannon Axlebox Components
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  In the afternoon of 27 June, Keith, Alan and John Hind went to Generic Engineering to do an interim inspection on the bogie cannon axlebox internal components which are nearing completion. This is a series of orders for just over £21,000 and for 100 parts. Some components are machined to a tolerance of one thousandth of an inch. (The Steam Locomotive - A Machine of Precision). The majority of the components were finished and the team were able to check key dimensions on a sample of parts and found that they were within tolerance. They also did a trial assembly of one set of components and checked critical clearances.

The order should be complete by the end of June. We will then do a final inspection.

One the left is the axlebox end cover. This is in 2 halves located by dowels. The end cover can be removed to allow the bearings to be inspected without removing the wheel from the axle. In the middle is the Enclosure Sleeve and Flinger. On the right is the Abutment Ring and at the bottom (with the ruler) is the Enclosure Ring which is in halves . The internal grooves are the labyrinth seal which is a non contact oil seal to prevent oil escaping from the axlebox body.