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Front Bogie

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Highslide JS 28 July 2019 - These are the bolster cups that are free to "float" on the surface of the brass discs above. They engage with domes on the nolsters that are fitted to the locomotive frames.
Highslide JS The bogie lifeguards are in stock and will be fitted to the front of the bogie. Lifeguards are energy-absorbing devices fitted to the leading edges of train bogies. Their primary function is to deflect obstacles away from the wheel/rail interface and in the process absorb excessive impact energy through plastic deformation.
Highslide JS 25 November 2019 - 2 wear plates sit under the centre slide on top of the bogie stretcher
Highslide JS 16 March 2020 - 2 V Strips are bolted to the top of the wear plate. They restrain the centre slide vertically while allowing it to move to the left and right while being restrained by the side control springs.
Highslide JS 16 March 2020 - This cast iron bush will be pressed into the centre slide and is the bearing surface for the centre slide. The bush is retained by the 2 set screws
Highslide JS 22 July 2019 - 4 pivot pins are fitted to ends of the 2 bogie spring cradles. They engage with cups on the top of the axleboxes.
Highslide JS 15 August 2018 - 2 bearing spring pads are welded to the underside of the bolster arms of the bogie stretcher. This is what they first look like
Highslide JS 10 June 2019 - Before they get machined into the final article. The spigot that you can see on the left hand one will be welded into the bogie stretcher. The spring buckle engages in the cup that you can see on the right hand pad.
Highslide JS 2 March 2020 - The fitted bolts for the bogie were manufacured by Generic Engineering in Rotherham to their usual high standards. Here is a sample.
Highslide JS 28 April 2020 - The side control spring beams are in production at CTL Seal. This beam is being prepared for one of the final operations which will be to machine the radiused surface on the top.
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42 records found. Page 3 of 5 displayed.