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Exhaust Steam Manifold

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Highslide JS The next section of the mould is carefully lowered into place
Highslide JS You can see a number of half tubes which are in place to allow the hot gasses to escape
Highslide JS The final section is lowered in and the mould is complete. Now we need to prepare for the casting process.
Highslide JS More casting boxes are added and are securely locked in place. Foundry sand is packed in the gap between the casting box and the sand printed mould. Some serious lumps of metal go on the top to keep everything in its place. The square section in the front is where the molten metal is introduced.
Highslide JS The pour is complete and now we have the long wait while everything cools down
Highslide JS Here's the manifold after it has been extracted from the mould and after some of the risers and runners have been removed. You can see the pads on each of the 4 exhaust ports that were added to improve quality
Highslide JS The rest of the runners are removed and then the component is passed for NDT (Non Destructive Testing) to prove that we have a satisfactory casting. A white coating is applied as part of the testing.
Highslide JS Now we move to CTL Seal in Sheffield where the exhaust steam manifold must be incorporated into the smoke box saddle and frame stretcher. Furthest away from the camera is the smokebox saddle. It is sitting on its side on one of the vertical plates that butt against the frames. You can make out the square holes for the exhaust steam manifold. The whole assembly is sitting on the other vertical plate. Now all of this needs to be welded into one assembly. You can see that there has been a considerable amount of machining on the flange faces.
Highslide JS The exhaust steam manifold is welded into the smokebox saddle. The square brackets on the inside face of the saddle are temporary lifting brackets. Once welding is complete, we have an assembly as you will see at the begnning of this section.
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