Donation Campaigns

The extra push to complete the rear dragbox assembly and frame extensions for the initial frame assembly

Could YOU assist us in "Setting the Wheels 'n' Motion" by sponsoring an inch of a spoke for £20?

The next essential step, in the construction of 'Hengist', will be to convert the static frame structure into a dynamic one; this, of course, means that we need to supply her with a full set of wheels.

If YOU could afford to sponsor an inch of a spoke for £20, you would truly be 'putting a spoke in our wheels'. If you are able to afford a more substantial donation, the smaller (bogie, truck and tender) wheels cost in the region of £750 for the initial castings - the main Drivers, of course, substantially more at approximately £80,000 each inclusive of tyres and machining.

Your donation will be ring fenced for the construction of the tender. If the tender is completed before the loco it could be rented out to other groups and raise funds for the loco build 

Help raise funds for this new build steam locomotive by using the link below when purchasing online. The retailer will then donate a percentage of your purchase to the project at NO cost to yourself.