Bogie wheel centers ordered

Thanks to generous donations from supporters we have placed the order for the four wheel centres (shown as part of the bogie of 'Britanna' Oliver Cromwell above) required for the front bogie. These will be delivered unmachined and without tyres but will be fully tested in line with requirements for a mainline steam locomotive.

Many thanks for the donations!

We do have the bogie frame plates in stock and the bogie and pony truck will be the next task after the frame erection along with the main driving wheels. 

Hengist's main frames and extensions arrive at CTL Seal!

A slightly blured photo of Geoff Turner (Clan project Engineering Director in the blue hi-vis) and Luke England (CTL Seal Manager) with Hengist's main frame plates and extensions at CTL Seal's Erection Shop in Sheffield. The assembling starts this week!
Stay tuned!

Winter 2017 Clan News

We want to always keep the membership up to date and it was felt, with the frame assembly starting, it was best to delay this issue so we can include up to date articles on the assembly progress and next steps. 

As always, keep an eye on the website and social media for the very latest news and updates.

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