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News Archive entries for September 2019

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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First of the Main Frame Fitted Bolts produced.
  Today we took delivery of the first of the Fitted Bolts for the Main Frames, some 240 in total today; all 1 inch in diameter. Some of these are required for strategic positions on the main frame when the initial alignment takes place. Most of the remainder of the 700 bolts required will be slightly larger in diameter than this first batch.
3D CAD Model Updated
  Keith Greenhow, ably assisted by Alan Marshall and James Conway, has now updated our 3D CAD model to include the bogie and the pony truck. The model has been of enormous benefit in determining the fixings for the bogie as it allows us to examine clearances from all angles.
Nuts and Bolts
  Unfortunately we couldn't get in our container today as the fork lift truck that moves the security block in front of the door had broken down. So we've had a big reorganise of the nuts, bolts and washers. The 3/4" and 7/8" bolts have had to be returned to the supplier as they are missing the turning centre at the threaded end of the bolts. All the bolts have 10 thousands of an inch oversize shanks. Thet will be turned down to provide an interference fit in the bolt hole that they will be fitted to. The 1" bolts were in the container so we will get them on the racking next week.
2019 Annual General Meeting Reminder
  Don't forget the Annual General Meeting this weekend - this is an open meeting. The meeting will be held at the premises of CTL Seal Ltd at Butterthwaite Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, S35 9WA and doors will open at 1330. The meeting is open to all but only members of SSLC can vote. This will be an opportunity for you to see the frames complete at the first stage of assembly. See below for the agenda
Horizontal Stretchers - 1
  The next job will be to secure the horizontal stretchers with fitted bolts. There are 4 horizontal stretchers in the frames. The front one, in front of the smokebox saddle, will be fitted after hornblock machining. The first job will be to drill the fore and aft holes in the stretcher to the final size so that the fitted bolts can be turned to a drive fit and installed. In the photo, you can see the rear holes of the rear stretcher. We had a slight alignment problem here so the holes have been plug welded and redrilled (1/16" undersize). They now need to be drilled and reamed to the final size. Once the bolts are installed they will be tightened so that the stretcher is hard up against the brake cylinder stretcher.
Brake Hanger Bushes and Pins
  Another job completed is the fitting of the steel bushes to the brake hangers
Bogie Stretcher Pattern
  The bogie stretcher pattern is almost complete and is being displayed at the AGM
Front Platform
  Originally both the Britannias and the Clans had 2 footsteps, one per side fitted to the inside of the frames below the smokebox door. The Britannias were modified to replace these steps with a single platform spanning the gap between the frames. This modifications was reported "to assist access for headboard mounting". We've decided to adopt this modification for Hengist as it's a much better platform to work from when working around the smokebox. The angled section for a Clan has to be different to a Britannia as the Clan frame comes down at a steeper angle. As a result this plate will have 4 fixing bolts per side instead of 5. The left hand part is the vertical support that supports the front of the platform.