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News Archive entries for November 2019

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Bogie Strecher Pattern
  The bogie stretcher pattern has now been delivered to a foundry in Sheffield and we expect casting to take place in the next 3 months. Here is the main part of the pattern assembly. A recent donation will allow us to cast and machine this key component of the bogie
Remembrance Day
  On 11 November, Chris and Mike from the Monday Gang pay their respects
More Bogie Components
  Just back from the suppliers are the 2 wear plates that sit between the bogie centre slide and the central bogie stretcher casting. The eight larger bolts (one missing in photo) are used to fasten the V plates that sit fore and aft of the centre slide and retain it in place while allowing it to move side to side. They go through the wear plate in the 4 holes nearest the camera. You can see that a small hole has been drilled at an angle through the head of the bolt. Once the bolt has been tightened down, the hole will be drilled through into the stretcher. A pin will then be inserted through the bolt head and into the stretcher (as per the BR drawing) to prevent the bolt from turning. The 4 smaller bolts secure the wear plate to the stretcher and go through the outer holes on the wear plate.