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Welcome to the Clan Project

We're building an improved British Railways Standard Class locomotive using 21st century engineering. Why not join us?

10 of the "Clans" were built in 1951/1952 to provide a powerful locomotive with a wider route availability than the Class 7 Britannias. It was intended to build 15 more but steel shortages and impending dieselisation put a stop to the build. We've taken the name and number of the first proposed engine for our project - Hengist. Have a look at the News section to see how we're getting on.

Latest - Vacancies

Company Secretary

With the administrative activities of the Company increasing alongside the build progress, we are looking for a person to take over the role of Company Secretary. The role involves producing the agenda for the monthly Council meeting; submitting Returns to both the Charity Commission and Companies House; preparing the AGM paperwork and taking the AGM Minutes; archiving Council Minutes and other company documents (weekly reports etc) on a periodic basis. If you feel you could take on this volunteer role, please send details of your experience and contact information by email to Paul Waldron by using this form.