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Container Move
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  On Tuesday 9 October, CTL Seal needed to reorganise their container area so a crane was hired for the move. Our container has been moved through 180 degrees so we now have an opportunity to paint the other side that was close to an adjacent container. The smokebox and cab were also moved. The job was completed quickly and efficiently!

More photos can be found here
Sales stall at the Great Central Railway Autumn Steam Gala, Loughborough.
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  Our sales team visited the Autumn Gala at the GC Railway on the platforms at Loughborough station over the four day event, October the 4th to the 8th.

We had a very successful event and met many people over the four days who were keen to learn more about HENGIST and the recent progress.

All the hard working members of the sales team would like to extend our appreciation to the very friendly staff at the Great Central Railway for making us so welcome as always.

Photo by Judith Spencley.
2018 Annual General Meeting
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  The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the Clan Project was held on 29 September at CTL Seal's premises in Sheffield. Before the formal section of the meeting, Andy England who is managing director of CTL Seal, gave a presentation about the company's operations. Although he said he was not a railway enthusiast, he stressed that he was enthusiastic about engineering. He saw the building of Hengist as a fantastic engineering project. He emphasised that his apprentices who would be working on the project would be seeing the locomotive through to completion. It was reassuring to hear that Andy recognised that this was a long term project.

More photos are available here

Over £2,000 pounds was raised in collections at the meeting. Members were able to see one completed cast steel frame stretcher and the other two in the final stages of machining. Members also saw the machine that will be used to machine the complete frame assembly.

A useful question and answer session completed the AGM with one member commenting that Hengist was being built in a cathedral of engineering!

2018 Annual General Meeting.
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  On Saturday the 29th of September we held the 2018 Standard Steam Locomotive Companies AGM in the Erecting Shop of CTL Seal's premises in Sheffield next to the Main Frames of 72010 HENGIST.

It was fantastic to see all the enthusiastic members who were present on the day and to catch up with both longstanding members and people who have recently joined the Clan..

Many thanks to CTL Seal Managing Director Andy England and his staff for hosting the event .

Pictured is one of the Etched metal Builders Plates which were produced for the event by CTL Seal and presented to each member attending on the day.

We still have a small number remaining and these will be on sale at the Autumn Steam Gala at Loughborough on the GC Railway this Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Sunday.
Smokebox Door
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  Mike Sedgley puts the finishing touches on the smokebox door prior to the AGM
Front Cast Frame Stretcher
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  This is the front cast steel frame stretcher being machined. We are hopeful that the machining work on the stretchers is nearing completion.
More Machining
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  Machining continues on the cast steel frame stretchers. This one carries the brakeshaft. The circular lobes being machined by Lee from CTL Seal carry 2 brake shaft bearing caps which in turn carry the main brake shaft. The title is a misnomer because this component is a large lever system. It takes the vertical motion from the brake cylinder and converts it to a horizontal motion to operate the brake rodding that goes to the brake hangers operating on the driving wheels.
Hengist Christmas Cards on Sale
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  Clan Project Christmas cards are now on sale in the shop