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Speedometer System
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  The speedometer system on our locomotive comprises of 3 main components

1. The speed signal generator which is bolted to a return crank on the LH trailing driving wheel crank pin
2. A wheel adjustment box which is bolted to a bracket on the front left bottom of the firebox
3. The driver's speed indicator which is fitted to a bracket bolted to the roof of the cab.

In the photo are the speed indicator and 2 brackets. We have a speedometer generator but it is the type that is directly fitted to an axle end. We have a wheel adjustment box but unfortunately it is missing one of its mounting lugs. If you have any of these items and you would like to help the project, please get in touch!
Our Patron, David Buck, visits CTL Seal
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  On 26 July our patron, David Buck and his wife Patricia visited CTL Seal in Sheffield to view progress with 72010 Hengist. With the Covid restrictions, this has been the first opportunity for David to see the locomotive "in the metal". David and Patricia were very impressed with the set up at CTL Seal and look forward to seeing progress.

On the same day, we confirmed that the frame extensions have now been set up dimensionally. CTL Seal will now start the process of drilling bolt holes, reaming to final size and then installing the fitted bolts to permanently fasten the frame extensions to the main frames.
Setting Out of Frame Extensions
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  Here are the rear frame extensions which will be bolted to the back of the main frames. Whereas the main frame plates are 1.25" thick, the frame extension plates are 2" thick. Over the last couple of weeks we've had to do some minor work on the dragbox (on the left of the photo at the back of the frames) and the front firebox support (on the right of the photo supported by a jack) so that these components fit tightly on the frames. The key job now is to set the correct vertical height - relative to the main frames - of the frame extensions. Dowels have been fitted in the datum holes through the main frame plates and the frame extensions. We now need to set the correct relative height at the back end (or left hand in the photo) of the frame extensions. The left hand pair of "stools" have been set with a dumpy level to the correct height of the base of the main frames. We can now use the inner pair of stools with the screw jacks to raise and lower the end of the frame extensions to set the correct height. Next week, we expect to sign off the check so that CTL Seal can start drilling and reaming to install the fitted bolts that will lock the frame extensions into place.