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Build Diary entries for February 2021

Here are the diary entries for this month. You can use the forward and backward links to see the next or previous months. Most photos taken before 2018 are small size. From 2018 onwards, most photos you see below will have a link to a full size image by clicking on the photo.

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Buffer Beam Work
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  The next assembly job is to get the front buffer beam ready for riveting. Here the gussets have been fitted in position ready to start drilling out the mounting holes to the final size for riveting. On the right is the front horizontal stretcher which sits between the frames behind the buffer beam and in front of the smokebox saddle. On the gusset is the horizontal bracket where the front footsteps will be bolted to.
Bogie Cannon Axle Box now Cast (1)
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  The 2 cannon axleboxes for the bogie have now been cast at South Lincs Foundry in Spalding Lincolnshire. This picture is with the runner bars and feeder system still in place.
Bogie Cannon Axle Box now Cast (2)
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  Here is the cannon axle box with the feeder system removed after fettling. In fettling, any remaining sand is removed; the runners and risers will also be removed. The axleboxes are now in post casting heat treatment. Following that they will go through Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection to ensure that the castings are sound.
Bogie Centre Slide
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  The bogie centre slide is now on the machining station at CTL Seal. The central hole engages with the circular pivot fitted to the bogie pivot stretcher in the main frames. The job on this machine is to bore out the central hole, ready for the fitting of a cast iron bush. The centre slide can move sideways while being constrained by powerful side control springs. This helps the locomotive make the transition from straight to curved track. The circular bosses are for the lubrication system where oil is used for the sliding surfaces.
Bogie Cannon Box Progress
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  The Bogie Cannon Axle Box castings are now through post casting heat treatment at South Lincs Foundry and are going through the final stages of Non Destructive testing to prove that the castings are without flaws. We hope to have them delivered to Sheffield in a couple of weeks.